Sheela Na Gig Workshop

Embodiment of Sheela na gig’s radical confidence and empowerment.
18th March – Location TBC
Only € 35 

I am so excited to be facilitating this workshop on Sile na gig’s day (18th of March)

Sheela Na Gig’s represents the energy and archetype of radical confidence and empowerment as a woman. It is a very potent symbol of female power and awakening.

Her energy and symbolism is strong but beautiful, and it invites you to reconsider who you are or how you see yourself as a woman, or if you are a man what you think of women and all that women offer to the world.

If you want to learn more about Sheela na gig and how you can tune into her energy to awaken your inner power as a woman, and feel more confident and empowered, I invite you to join me and other women in this workshop.

This workshop is a transformational experience.

During the workshop:

>I will guide you through a meditation that will help you connect with Sheela na gig energy within yourself.

>You will go through a dance journey to embody Sheela na gig in your body at all levels. In the dance journey, we work at all levels: physical, mental, energetic and emotional levels.

>Sile na Gig’s rite. This is the Sile na Gig’s (or sheela na gig) rite.





Everyone is welcome. 

Contact me if you need more information.

Carmen: 0852115861 – info@mokshacacaodance.com

Exchange: Eur35

Limited spaces are available.

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