You may have heard of Ecstatic Dance or seen some videos or photos of people dancing in a hippie-like environment as if they were all drugged. And you may be curious or wondering what Ecstatic Dance is.

Although Ecstatic Dance has become increasingly popular in recent years, the practice of dancing in a state of ecstasy is actually a very ancient practice that was practiced in indigenous tribes to alter states of consciousness, heal, and connect with a higher or inner wisdom.

Ecstatic Dance is about dancing freely, without judgment and without limits. A dance that invites us to let ourselves go and reach ecstasy through the movement of the body.

In Ecstatic Dance, the music is very important, the music played by a DJ, and not just any DJ, but a DJ specialized in playing Ecstatic Dance journeys. The music of Ecstatic Dance is conscious music of various rhythms, genres, and styles that takes us on a journey towards ecstasy.

With Ecstatic Dance, the natural state of your consciousness changes and you can experience a meditative and happy mental state through the movement of the body. To do this, it is important to let yourself go and connect with the body and music more than with the mind.

In Ecstatic Dance, there are some rules:

  1. You dance barefoot.

  2. Alcohol or drugs of any kind are not allowed.

  3. No talking, although you can communicate with the body and body language.

  4. Respect and no judgment.

Ecstatic Dance creates a space where you can be yourself and express yourself, and there is a very healthy and connected atmosphere with all the dancers.

It is a safe space for you to truly express yourself however you want.

If you have never been to an Ecstatic Dance event, I recommend you try it, as everyone who goes wants to come back.

Join our next Ecstatic Dance session and connect with a beautiful group of dancers and like-minded people.