Conscious Dance is a free and guided dance in which the facilitator offers suggestions for movement, although listening to one’s own body and moving according to the body’s request is always prioritized.

Conscious Dance offers you the opportunity to connect with your body and listen to it.

During Conscious Dance the mind relaxes and the focus is placed on listening to the body and letting go. This is how blockages and accumulated tensions are eliminated, the body becomes more fluid and more present. It is a way of resetting and updating ourselves.

Conscious Dance has medicinal qualities, as it helps us to transmute internal conflicts, dissolve emotions or give expression to feelings.

Conscious Dance helps us break barriers and limitations.

Conscious Dance for me is like reconnecting with my essence and the primal and wild side of myself. In ancient cultures, dance has always been used as a form of expression and gathering, both to heal and to celebrate.

For me, dancing is a tool for personal growth that helps me expand my awareness, frees me from blocks and helps me connect with my inner wisdom and intuition.

Dancing is like discovering your true self.