Masculine and Feminine Balance.

Transformative Weekend Retreat with Dance, Breathwork, Fire, Ceremony, and Connection.

Transform Your Relationship with Yourself and Others

Are you struggling to create fulfilling relationships?

Are you yearning for deeper, more meaningful connections?

Do you crave the confidence to express your true self and attract what you desire?

Join us for a Transformative Weekend Retreat that will empower you to balance your Feminine and Masculine energies, revolutionizing your relationship with yourself and others.


What you see and experience outside is a direct reflection of your inner world.

When we improve the balance of feminine and masculine energy inside ourselves and create an inner marriage, this will reflect in the outside world.

What happens when you align yourself with the empowered masculine attributes of courage, direction, focus, clarity, and support? And with the empowered feminine attributes of intuition, creativity, pleasure, and surrender?

You materialize things much more easily

You feel safe to be authentic and confidently express yourself fully.

You feel worthy and magnetic and attract what we desire.

You know how to dance between masculine and feminine energies, creating alchemy through the union, with respect and love, honouring both masculine and feminine forces.

You feel orgasmic and connected with the energy of creation as part of your daily lives.

You feel complete.

You have the most beautiful and loving relationship with ourselves and others.

You contribute to creating union in the collective consciousness and dissolve the illusion of separation.

Date: 19th-21st July 2024
Location: Slí na Bandé, Wicklow, Ireland

Throughout this immersive retreat, you’ll participate in transformative practices designed to harmonize your inner energies, enhancing both your self-relationship and relationships with others.

What Awaits You:

  • Tantric Alchemy Breathwork Meditations: Using powerful breathwork and guided meditations to identify masculine and feminine energies within you and for energy clearing, healing, and transformation.
  • Cacao Ceremony: Time to connect with the Medicine of Cacao. Open your heart and deepen your connection to your body’s wisdom.
  • Ecstatic Dance: Let go of what doesn’t serve you any longer and feel full of new energy.
  • Fire Ceremony: Embrace freedom and let go of old patterns.
  • Sauna and Hot Tub


Why Choose This Retreat?

  • Identify masculine and feminine energies within you.
  • Reconnect with your intuition and inner wisdom.
  • Heal from patterns of division and separation.
  • Establish a new, healthy balance within your being.
  • Empower yourself with practical tools and knowledge.
  • Create deeper, more meaningful relationships.
  • Embody a new version of yourself: more confident, empowered, and whole.
  • Increase Self-Awareness and Understanding: Gain practical knowledge about how imbalances in your masculine and feminine energies impact your life. Learn to identify your empowered and disempowered traits and how they affect your relationships, career, and personal well-being.
  • Enhance Relationships: Improve your relationship with yourself and others by balancing your inner energies. Discover how to create healthier, more nourishing connections and respond to experiences with greater clarity and purpose.
  • Enjoy Life More Fully: Whether you’re building a business, deepening your relationships, or enhancing your quality of life, understanding your inner energies is crucial. This retreat will help you bring unconscious patterns to light, allowing you to thrive.

What’s Included

    • All workshops and activities:
      • Sacred Cacao Ceremony
      • Yoga Dance
      • Breathwork
      • Ecstatic Dance
      • Fire Ceremony
    • Accommodation
    • Meals
    • Sauna and hot tub facilities
    • Bonus: Post-retreat integration guide to allow for the processing and anchoring of this knowledge/healing/insights/experience into your everyday life.
    • Bonus: Post-retreat integration online live session one week after the retreat.

    How to Reserve Your Spot:

    Spots are limited.

      • Investment All Inclusive: €467
      Summer Retreat
      Summer Retreat Ireland



      • 6.00 pm Arrival
      • 7.00 pm Welcome dinner
      • 8.00 pm Opening Circle & Breathwork – Inner Union Masculine and Feminine Energy.


      • 8.30 am Yoga Dance
      • 10.00 am breakfast
      • 12.00pm Breathwork Session – Healing Inner Masculine
      • 2.30 pm Lunch
      • 3.00 pm Rest/ Free time
      • 4.00 pm Cacao Ceremony and Dance Session
      • 7.00 pm Dinner
      • 7.30 pm Rest/ Free time
      • 8.30 pm Fire Ceremony and Gathering around the fire.
      • 9.30 pm Dance Session


      • 8.30 am Yoga Dance
      • 10.00 am breakfast
      • 12.00pm Breathwork Session – Healing Inner Feminine
      • 2.00 pm Closing Circle
      • 3.00 pm Lunch

      Join us at Slí na Bandé for a weekend of deep healing and transformation. Unlock the secrets to deeper intimacy, balance, and healing by learning the art of masculine and feminine embodiment.

      Book your spot now and transform your inner world to create the life and relationships you desire.

      Don’t miss this chance to balance and heal your masculine and feminine energies. 

      For any inquiries, please contact us at info@mokshacacaodance.com or call Carmen at 085 211 5861.


      I had attended Tantra retreats before, but I still found it difficult to understand Shiva and Shakti energies. Now I have a much better understanding of these energies and learned how to balance my energies. Very informative workshop and amazing breathwork meditation. 


      Thanks to Carmen’s guidance, I now feel more connected to myself and others. This workshop and the coaching session were exactly what I needed.


      Very interesting and interactive session. I learned a lot about myself and how to improve the relationship with my partner.


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