Are you an Earth, Air, Fire or Water person, and what does it mean anyway?

Discover Your Elemental Nature

Find out which of the four elements is most dominant with your personality.

Take the quiz to Discover your major strengths, weaknesses and the best ways you can become a more balanced person.

Welcome to a journey of self-discovery and ancient wisdom with our exclusive quiz:

This isn’t just a quiz; it’s your first step toward understanding the profound elements that shape our lives, personalities, and relationships. For thousands of years, cultures across the globe—from the Taoist sages of ancient China to the shamanic traditions of indigenous peoples, from the intricate systems of Traditional Chinese Medicine to the mystical realms of Tarot—have explored the fundamental elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water to explain the complexities of the human experience.

Why Take This Quiz?

Intrigued by the elements? There’s good reason. The elements model has not only been a cornerstone of ancient wisdom but also influenced the pioneering work of Carl Jung, whose ideas laid the groundwork for many modern psychometric tests. By identifying the element that dominates your life at this moment, you embark on a path of heightened awareness and equilibrium.

What You’ll Discover:

    • Deep Connections: Learn which element resonates most profoundly with your personality. Is the stability and resilience of Earth guiding you? The adaptability and movement of Air? The transformative energy of Fire? Or the emotional depths of Water?

    • Insights for Life: Gaining insight into your dominant element can enlighten you about your intrinsic nature, preferences, and tendencies. This knowledge is a powerful tool for self-reflection, growth, and achieving a harmonious balance in your life.

    • Enhanced Relationships: Understanding your elemental nature—and that of others—can significantly improve interpersonal connections. It fosters empathy, appreciation, and deeper bonds with those around you.

    • A Stronger Bond with Nature: By recognizing the elements at play in your own life, you’ll feel a renewed connection with the natural world, fostering a sense of belonging and stewardship for the planet.

The Benefits Await

Dive into this intriguing exploration of your elemental nature and discover how it shapes your interactions, your passions, and your path in life. Knowing your dominant element isn’t just about personal curiosity; it’s about bringing balance, harmony, and understanding to your everyday existence. It’s about strengthening your relationship with yourself, with others, and with the very Earth that sustains us.

So, are you ready to unlock the elemental secrets woven into your being? Take the quiz now and start a journey of discovery that could transform the way you see yourself and the world.

Begin the quiz and let the elements reveal your true nature. What you find may surprise you!



  1. Which of these do you most identify with?
  • Going with the flow (W)
  • Getting things done (F)
  • Freedom (A)
  • Structure (E)


  1. When building relationships, which of the following ways of being do you lean towards most?
  • Caring, gentle, accommodating (W)
  • Solid, supportive, reliable (E)
  • Challenging, passionate, direct (F)
  • Playful, spontaneous, imaginative (A)


  1. In your work, which of the following qualities do you prize and prioritise most?
  • Consistency (E)
  • Empathy (W)
  • Innovation (A)
  • Efficiency (F)


  1. In your overall pace, what do you tend towards being?
  • Happy to adapt depending on those you are working with (W)
  • Fast and decisive (F)
  • Slow and methodical (E)
  • Slower while you reflect, but then quick (A)


  1. How would you say you pursue your goals?
  • Fiercely, with your whole being (F)
  • Gently, weaving your way, with care (W)
  • Looking at many possibilities (A)
  • Systematically, in a structured way (E)


  1. In conflict, what do you tend more towards?
  • Fold, ie collapse (W)
  • Fight (F)
  • Flight (A)
  • Freeze (E)


  1. What do you most yearn for?
  • Freedom (A)
  • Activity (F)
  • Community (W)
  • Predictability (E)


  1. What is your most common mode?
  • Being (E)
  • Doing (F)
  • Feeling (W)
  • Thinking (A)


  1. When making major decisions, you use your …
  • Head A
  • Heart E
  • Instinct F
  • Senses W


  1. Your greatest strength is your …
  • Courage and zeal. F
  • Intelligence and independence. A
  • Compassion and honesty. W
  • Reliability and conscientiousness. E


  1. Your biggest weakness is that you can be too …
  • Idealistic A
  • Impulsive F
  • Stubborn E
  • Illogical W


  1. People describe you as …
  • Gentle and complex W
  • Down to earth E
  • A free spirit A
  • A leader F





The Four Elements: Air, Water, Earth or Fire – Which Are You?




Emotional. Romantic. Obstinate. You are characterized by a flow of energy and optimism. Just like water, you possess a calming and soothing presence, bringing peace and clarity to those around you. Your ability to adapt and flow with the changes of life makes you resilient and often a source of comfort for others. Your optimistic outlook can uplift the spirits of those you encounter, making you a beacon of positivity.


‘How does it feel?’ is the question you ask of EVERYTHING that passes your way, prioritising feelings over thought or action. You intensely FEEL your way through life, often over- or underwhelmed, often restless and going on long journeys, seeking and searching. You love and hate hard. You make us all remember the importance of playing nice. Because if we don’t… well, there you are.


You may have a tendency to be overly romantic. Your deep emotional capacity allows you to be very connected with your emotions. Learning to balance your openness with emotional resilience is key.

Fears: rejection, conflict, and loss.

Desires: relationships, harmony, and loyalty.

Virtues: humanity, creativity, responsiveness, and empathy.

You have an innate ability to bring tranquility and understanding and creating harmony. Embrace your nurturing and compassionate nature.

Developing strategies to manage your emotions and maintain your inner peace will be beneficial. Practices like meditation, journaling, or engaging in creative activities can help you channel your emotions constructively. Remember, your ability to flow and adapt is your greatest strength.


You have a practical, scientific outlook. You are the embodiment of structure, wisdom, strength, and secrecy. Your wisdom allows you to approach situations with a level-headedness and pragmatism that others admire. You often serve as the rock for your friends and family, offering sound advice and a steady hand. Your strength is not just physical, but also emotional and intellectual, enabling you to tackle life’s challenges with confidence.

You ask first and foremost of anything new: ‘will it work, what will it do?’ Importantly, you are a doer. Grounded, realistic, honest and practical grafter without whom the world would be a lesser place. You make stuff better.

You may struggle with expressing your emotions, preferring to keep them hidden. This secrecy can sometimes lead to misunderstandings with those around you. Remember, while your strength is admirable, showing vulnerability is not a weakness. It’s important to open up and share your feelings.

Fears: change, lack of control, and rushing.

Desires: stability, control, and correctness,

Virtues: justice, reliability, groundedness, and temperance.

The lesson for you is not to be afraid to express your feelings. It’s crucial to remember that people are not mind-readers. Sharing your thoughts and emotions can lead to deeper connections and understanding in your relationships.

Practicing vulnerability can start with small steps, like sharing your thoughts with a trusted friend or journaling. By gradually opening up, you’ll find that your relationships become richer and more fulfilling. Remember, your Earth-like qualities of wisdom and strength are complemented by your ability to be emotionally open and connected.


You have a mentally focused, rational outlook. You embody qualities of adventure, intelligence, and adaptability. Your adventurous spirit sees you constantly seeking new experiences, always curious and eager to learn. This trait makes you an exciting person to be around, as your enthusiasm is infectious. Being smart, you often approach situations with a unique perspective, thinking outside the box and offering innovative solutions. Your maneuverability allows you to navigate through life’s challenges with grace and ease.

You ask first and foremost of anything new: ‘is it sound, is it logical?’ Emotions and spirituality bow to intelligence. You’re definitely a head over heart kind of person and lean naturally to teaching, reasoning and brainy jobs. We might not ALWAYS *like* you, but we need you (to tell us what to do).

Your dreamy nature sometimes means you have your head in the clouds. This can be both a strength and a weakness. It’s a strength because it fuels your creativity and ability to imagine possibilities that others might not see. But it can also be a weakness if it leads to a lack of focus or practicality in everyday life. It’s important to find a balance between your imaginative world and the reality that surrounds you.

Fears: being controlled, boredom, and imperfection

Desires: freedom creativity, and perfection.

Virtues: curiosity, transcendence, innovation, and humour

People often perceive you as a high-spirited individual, someone who is lively and full of energy. This perception can make you a magnetic and influential figure in social circles. You occasionally find it challenging to stay grounded or deal with overly pragmatic individuals.

Your lesson in life is to watch your back. While it’s great to be adventurous and dreamy, it’s equally important to be aware of your surroundings and the practical aspects of life.

Develop strategies to stay grounded when necessary. Engaging in mindfulness or grounding activities can help you maintain a healthy balance between your air-like qualities and the demands of the physical world.


Spiritual, idealistic, charming and ambitious. You epitomize independence, athleticism, and an unbridled spirit. Your independent nature drives you to carve your own path and rely on your own strengths. This trait makes you a natural leader and someone who is not afraid to take on new challenges. Your athletic ability is not just physical; it also represents your energetic approach to life, always ready to jump into action and make things happen.

You ask ‘is this the right thing? will it make the world better?’ Sometimes the Fire sign’s need to be popular and admired can override doing what needs to get done (but not often). Oh, AND they can get stroppy. We need them because they have dreams and visions which, when they put their mind to it, can change the world.

Your fiery nature can sometimes lead to unintended consequences. Your enthusiasm and excitement can occasionally overwhelm others or lead you to act without considering the feelings of those around you. It’s important to temper your passion with empathy and understanding. Being mindful of others’ emotions and reactions will help you maintain healthy and respectful relationships.

Fears: not being enough not doing enough losing

Desires: recognition achievement / progress / results winning

Virtues: courage vitality fierceness get things done

You may find challenging dealing with more emotionally driven or sensitive individuals. The lesson for you is to relax once in a while and think about others. It’s essential to balance your fiery energy with moments of reflection and consideration for those around you.

Practicing mindfulness and empathy can help you channel your Fire qualities in positive ways. Engage in activities that calm your mind, like meditation or yoga, and make a conscious effort to listen and understand others’ perspectives.

Your Fire-like qualities of independence and energy are your greatest assets, and they shine brightest when balanced with thoughtfulness and care for others.