Dance stirs consciousness even if you think you can’t dance or don’t like dancing

Yes, you don’t need to like dancing or feel comfortable when dancing to get the benefits of conscious dance and movement.

When you dance with an attitude of surrender, you open a sacred space that is an invitation for your body’s wisdom to come through.

With surrender, I mean allowing your body to move and express the way it wants to move and express, without following certain steps or choreography or trying to copy someone else’s moves, or with the goal to look in a certain way.

When we dance with an attitude of surrender we switch our minds off and let go of any expectations.
When we dance with an attitude of surrender we open a space that is an invitation to allow the body to move and express freely.
In the beginning, it may feel weird, because this is something we are not used to, and this feeling of weirdness is part of the experience.
As you become aware of the weirdness and allow it, connect with it, and be there, no pushing and no holding back, but just being with it and exploring what is there,  and maybe as you connect with this feeling of weirdness. you can start to express it more and more, and as you build this relationship with the weirdness you can dance and move with it and get to know it more intimately.
Then, there you are dancing, moving, expressing what is there for you to be expressed today.
Be patient, it could take a while to connect and build this relationship with whatever is coming up.
You can be there as long as you want, and then take a moment to rest in silence and journal about any insights that came for you, you can reflect on your feelings, memories, and insights.
I invite you to keep a dancing journal, to take notes of your body wisdom.
Sometimes it is not easy to write about your experience and drawing is another way of expressing your insights, or maybe you feel inspired to create a poem or a piece of art.
I invite you to put some music on and experience this practice.
The music is important, for this practice, I recommend using some drums with rhythms like ‘Circle Dance’ by Scott Buck.
Let me know how it goes for you, feel free to share your experience and insights.