Conscious Dance Sessions

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What is Conscious Dance?

Conscious Dance is unchoreographed, intentional, free flow, creative, mindful movement for the purposes of authentic self-expression, self-discovery, interpersonal connectedness, and personal healing/growth.

Conscious Dance supports dancers to relieve stress.

Conscious Dance quiets the mind and connects you with your inner wisdom.

Conscious dance is a practice that helps release the tensions and stresses of our modern fast-paced world, and it offers an opportunity to cultivate deep joy.

Conscious dance can be done by anyone regardless of physical ability, fitness or prior dance experience.

A UCLA study found that the more often you practice Conscious Dance, the greater and longer lasting the benefits.

See below the link to this study:


There are many forms of conscious dance. Some are based on a connection to an ecstatic experience, others are based on mindfulness, and others are based on a deep shamanic trance. Whatever the pathway, conscious dance is, at its core, about a person’s embodied awareness, and cultivating home in one’s spirit and soul.

At Moksha Dance Community we practice all three of these states–the mindfulness practice, the ecstatic dance,  and the shamanic trance in creative classes.

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