Hey, I’m Carmen, and this is Moksha Cacao Dance.

What is the purpose or the mission of my offerings?
If I had to choose one word, to describe that, it would be liberation. Moksha in English means Liberation. The purpose of my work is to help others free themselves from what weighs them down, blocks them, and ultimately does not let them live in harmony with their essence and potential.

My classes, workshops, and retreats are transformational experiences. 

I use Cacao in some of my classes and workshops. The Cacao I work with is pure, of ceremonial quality. In addition to the fact that Cacao has a lot of properties and benefits, Cacao helps you to connect with your heart and be present, in the here and now, and to make changes in your life it is essential to open your heart and be present and aware, in the here and now. 

All my offerings have the music and  Dance element because dance is fun and helps you connect with your body, it is also a great tool for embodiment and with the help of music it makes it much easier to express yourself and release physical, emotional and energetic blocks. In the dance we practice in my classes and workshops there is no choreography or steps to follow, it is a free-flow, creative, mindful movement for the purposes of authentic self-expression, self-discovery, interpersonal connectedness, and personal healing/growth.

Conscious Dance quiets the mind and connects you with your inner wisdom, and it is a practice that helps you release the tensions and stresses and at the same time offers an opportunity to cultivate deep joy.

About Me:

What brought me to create Moksha Cacao Dance is my passion for creating transformational experiences.

I have been in the self-development, self-discovery, and spiritual journey  (whatever you want to call it, or simply put, more conscious and aware of my life experience) since 2012. And during this time I have gone through lots of challenges and adventures in my life.

I have learned and experienced all the healing and personal development modalities I have been aware of. 

Currently, I am dedicated to the area of ​​personal and spiritual development and growth using Coaching tools, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Medicine Dance, Conscious Music, Yoga, Meditation and Shamanism.

I do individual sessions and also in groups, in person and online.

From the list of certifications below, you can imagine how passionate  (or crazy) I am about this work, and get a sense of my personal journey from coming across energy healing to discovering dance and music as medicine and spiritual practice. 

Now that you know more about me, I would love to know you and what brought you to this website. Send me an email and tell me about you. I would love to hear from you.

Energy healing:

2012-2013: Levels 1, 2, 3, Reiki practitioner and Reiki Master and Teacher.

Coaching & NLP:

2013-2014: Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Coach. Neuro linguistic Programming. Irish Institute of NLP.

2014 -2015: Diploma in Personal and Business Coaching. Irish Lifecoach Institute.

2015: FETAC level 6 Life and Workplace Coaching

2015: Train the Trainer. Dublin

2017-2018: Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching. Institute of Health Sciences. Dublin

2019: Food Energetics and Macrobiotics Consultant. Levels 1,2 and 3. (Nutrition part of Traditional Chinese Medicine) Instituto Macrobiótico España. Valencia.

2023: Certification of Embodiment Coaching. Embodiment Unlimited. Mark Walsh. 


2017-2018: Shamanism Practitioner. Shamanism Ireland.

2020: Cacao Ceremonies Facilitator. Path of Medicine Woman. Willow Jayne

2021: Munay ki Rites. 9 Shamanic Initiations.

2021: Rite of the Womb Facilitator – 13th Munay ki Rite.

2022: Sacred Cacao Ceremonies Facilitator.

Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training:

2018: Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga  Teacher. Hot Yoga Dundrum. Dublin

2019: Kundalini Yoga Teacher. Dublin

2020: Yin Yoga Teacher Training. Sampoorna Yoga 

2022: Osho Active Meditations Facilitator.

2022-2023. Advanced Yoga Teacher Training. Samudra Global School for Living Yoga. 

Conscious Dance & Music:

2021: Dance as Medicine Facilitator.  Ekstasis Dance.

2021-2022: Holistic Dance and Dance Therapy Facilitator. Escuela Diosas de la Floresta. Comite Internacional de la Danza. Madrid, Spain

2021: Ecstatic Dance Embodied Facilitator. Dance The Medicine.  

2021-2022: Ecstatic Dance DJ.  Wakamaia School of Sacred Fun.

2022: Ecstatic Awakening Dance Teacher Training. School of Ecstatic Movement.

2023-2024: Embodied Dance Facilitator. Allison Pagano

2023: Yoga Shakti Dance. Padma Yoga.

2023: Danzaterapia. Laura Cabrera.


Sacred Feminine & Sexual Alchemy:

2020: Medicine  Woman Facilitator Training. Mujer Ciclica. Spain

2020-2021: Priestess Training. Tantric Rose Mystery School. Leyolah Antara

2020-2021: Rites of Passage Facilitator. Tanishka, The Moon Woman.

2021: Red Tent Facilitator. Tanishka, The Moon Woman.

2022: Taoist Sexual Practices and Feminine Sexual Alchemy. Mantak Chia

2023: Wild Woman Awakening Facilitator Training.

Breathwork & Tantra:

2022-2023: ROAF. Tantric Breathwork and Feminine Alchemy Facilitator. LLena de Vida. Sajeeva Hurtado

2022-2023: Pulso Tantrico. Tantra Facilitator. LLena de Vida. Sajeeva Hurtado

2023: Tantric Embodiment Teacher Training. Innercamp. 


What My Clients Say



I love yoga classes with Carmen because she is a wonderful yoga instructor. You can tell she is very knowledgeable and the way she teaches makes me feel welcome and comfortable. Her classes are refreshing and renewing for the mind and body. She obviously knows and explains how the poses benefit the parts of the body and she is always kind, watching how we are doing the poses, paying close attention and offering adjustments to each student as needed. I always leave her classes feeling wonderful and looking forward to the next class. “



I sincerely recommend the yoga classes with Carmen. The atmosphere is very good, the meditations are very powerful and relaxing and Carmen offers great support with posture adjustments.


Personal Coaching

I cannot tell how positively our coaching sessions have influenced my life, especially the last ones. Since our last session, I have completely changed the way I eat, what I eat and how much I eat. I feel good and it has changed my perspective and my way of thinking, instead of focusing on what I don’t want or don’t like in my life, now I focus on what I want to build and this has had a great impact on my mentality. Besides the improvements in my eating and the overall positive feeling I have about what I’ll be able to do to get my body to where I want to be, the other big plus for me is time management and focus. Now I can complete so many things and when the day is over I feel very, very good for what I have been able to accomplish. As a result, now I can be more present at home with my husband and children, who are the most important things in my life.


Events & Workshops

As a leader Carmen earns my highest recommendation. She is always willing to help, knowing how to get the best out of each person. Carmen is a perfect example of a skilled facilitator and coach, plus she also brings a lot of fun and joy to her work. She is committed and offers confidence and is an inspiration to me.



“I love the combination of yoga and dance in the class, and how we work on one specific topic. Dance is a cool experience!! You feel free, you connect with your body and your mind and you are able to express your emotions through dance. In addition, M. Carmen is great, she helps us and guides us so that we can enjoy the experience more. 100% recommended




Carmen’s energy is strong and moving! I felt more energised and grounded after the class. Also, my energy was moving through my body with less resistance than before the dance. Thank you Carmen! ?❤️.


Cacao and Dance Ceremony

It was wonderful… it’s the first time I attended an event like this and it was very enriching. Looking forward to the next Cacao with Dance ceremony. Thank you Carmen for bringing this kind of thing.



Carmen’s coaching style is calm, inviting, and wise. She is a great listener and wonderful at continuously asking the next “right” question. Her thoughtful way of questioning allowed me to explore the area I was focusing on deeper and get to the core of what was holding me back. Personally, I learned that I really need to change my perspective to change the outcome of what I was working on. Simple and grounding all at the same time. Professionally…Carmen is a pro and a natural in this profession.

Since the coaching sessions, I’ve been able to focus and make better life choices for myself. My perspective has changed and I am being mindful about my actions and mindset. My ability to focus and practice better time management is amazing and I am reaping the benefits on a daily basis. If you get Carmen as a coach—feel lucky. She is such a natural.

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